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Anita Patel- Purchasing Department

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Cesar Moreno


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Suhail Shaikh


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Richard Garyson


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Ruby K. Smith


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Aaron Olivet


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“Hello Md, thanks to you and your engineering department as they helped me lot in this project.”

Pat Ming


“Firstly, I would like to start off by saying that this was the first time we used Journey Circuits. I have to be honest that I was a bit skeptical about using a new vendor. With having that said, I thought to give it a try because the prices had caught my eye. I decided to take a risk. Well what can I say now? It was the best risk ever that yielded the best results. I am a real stickler for first impressions and customer service and at times that becomes a deciding factor for me. I gotta say they were patient through all my questions. I placed my order easily and received my beautiful boards. Everything was very well done and so very efficiently with excellent quality. I was impressed. Give them a try because they are true to their word.”

Christopher- Engineer

“Had the boards on time they looks really awesome, good piece of work very happy with them. Thanks so much.”



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Rita Ellen


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Brenda- Purchasing Department

“Your same day service is awesome. It was really very very helpful for me.”

Yuriy Vladimir


“Hello Engineering Department, it was great to know the error in my pcb this shows that you guys are well experienced and professional this help us saving time and money & all I want to say is thanks.”

Igor Bak


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Naseer Khan


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Syed Ali


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Mike Chan